Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Goofiness!!!

Life is busy as usual, and I haven't taken any pictures in the past day or so because we are getting ready for our vacation this week, so I have decided to just post some random pictures of our family being goofy! Some are new and some are old, so enjoy! Jayden and Mommy with our silly faces!
Jayden looking quite dapper in a hat the Nana bought him.
Jayden with the Braum's Kid's Meal sack on his head.

Bonus Party Day at Kara's work! Mikele, Kara, and Liz being goofy! (These are my workout buddies that I workout with everyday.)

Jayden and Daddy in the tree in our backyard. (This made me a little nervous...)

Jayden busting a move on Easter!

Jayden after trying the punch that Daddy made for my birthday! This cracks me up because it doesn't even look like him!!!

Kara, Jayden, and Chris being silly.

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