Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation Pictures from Day 3

We've made it to day three of vacation pictures! I told you I took a bunch-and you aren't even seeing most of them! These are pictures from Friday, June 5. We spent the entire day at Sea World San Antonio!

Welcome to Sea World! The entrance gate.

Mommy and Jayden waiting in line to ride one of the only rides that Jayden was tall enough to ride!

Getting ready to go for a spin! He loved it!

The walrus from the Sea Lion and Otter show.

Jayden drinking yet another Dr. Pepper (we are not bad parents...we never let him have this much Dr. Pepper....but it was vacation)! He is watching Shamu in his tank before the show.

Shamu! He's beautiful!

This tells the whole story. We sat on the third row and got soaked with 54 degree water! Poor Jayden was NOT happy! We got so wet it was like we jumped into a pool with our clothes on!

I wanted a picture taken of me, so I took one of myself. I just think it turned out cool how I am in focus and nothing else is.

The alligators!

We loved the dolphins! Jayden got to feed them and we all got to pet them!

So cute! Definitely a special moment for all of us!

Jayden trying to pet the dolphins.

A diver feeding the stingrays and fish.

Jayden was exhausted! He took about an hour nap in his stroller!

Mommy and Jayden (if you look below my arm, you can see his shirt) riding the Texas Splashdown!

A video of Jayden and I after the final drop of the Texas Splashdown! I get motion sickness, so I was really proud of myself for riding this!

The flamingos.

Jayden waving at the flamingos.

Mommy and Jayden waiting for the Dolphin and Whale show to start. We were cooling off with some yummy ice cream!

A dolphin doing a flip during the show.

The dolphin show terrified Jayden! They used a smoke machine on the water, and he was so scared of the "smoke water." Who can figure why kids get scared of things?!
Well, I hope you've enjoyed day three! I'll post day four tomorrow, and you can see pictures of us at the Lost Lagoon Water Park inside of Sea World!


Margaret said...

It looks like you had lots of fun.

I am an okie too.


Awww, super cute and looks fun Hahaha Leaving some Friday bloggy love from SITS