Monday, November 2, 2009


Thought I would post these pictures before too much time passed! Hope you enjoy them!
Jayden getting ready to help carve the pumpkin. It was much easier to just strip him off!

Daddy carving into the pumpkin.

Jayden attempting to clean out the pumpkin with a spoon. He wouldn't use his hands. In his words, "I don't love it."

Our finished jack-o-lanterns!

Chris dressed as a caveman. He had to dress up for work. I think the wig made him look like Freddie Mercury from Queen!

The caveman and the "friendly" monster!

A very tired Mommy and her cute little monster.

Quite possibly, the cutest monster ever!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My perfect day.

In my last post, I told you that I had last Monday off of work. Well, I have to say, that it was my absolute perfect day. Jayden and I had a great morning going to lunch with Chris, and going to the pumpkin patch, but we had an amazing afternoon as well!

While Jayden took his afternoon nap, I decided to do a craft project I have been wanting to try out. I love decorative trays, but I am not willing to pay $50.00 for a tiny tray that has absolutely no personality. So, I decided to make my own!

I purchased a picture frame without an easel back from Hobby Lobby (on sale for half price of course!)

I also purchased two drawer pulls for half price! (Sorry...I don't know what the black line on the pic is!)

I then chose a fabric that I liked (also half off!)

I drilled holes in the picture frame for the drawer pulls!

The drawer pulls on the frame make perfect handles!

I inserted the glass and the fabric.

Ta-da! Yea! My perfect tray!
When Jayden woke up from his nap, it was craft time! We had been to Hobby Lobby earlier in the morning, and had picked up a bunch of craft supplies. We purchased feathers, googly eyes, and finger paint! Jayden was so excited!
Jayden all ready for craft time with Mommy! I decided to strip him down to his underwear and put an apron on him. It was going to be a messy afternoon!


We traced Jayden's hand to make a turkey!

Jayden's turkey!

Perfect, isn't it? :)

He worked so hard!

He had a great time!

Now onto the finger paint!

He loved the blue paint!

He thought it would be fun to use a sponge too. :)

It's beautiful!

Jayden loved the finger paint!

My little artist's work!

What a mess! Well worth the clean up though for such a happy boy!
After our craft time, it was time to make dinner. We decided to surprise Daddy and make his favorite dinner-lasagna! Jayden was so excited, and wanted to help me!
He pulled up a chair so he could help! (He was being inpatient and wanted me to stop taking pictures!)

Jayden added the garlic. (Don't worry...the stove was not on!)

He also added the tomatoes!

In goes the basil...

And onto the floor the basil goes!

I caught the little man licking the spoon!

He loved adding the cheese...and sneaking a few bites!

He was so proud of his work! He had to smell it before we put it into the oven!

Yea! It was SO good, and Daddy loved it!
So....there you have it, my perfect day! Nothing glamorous or expensive, but it was an entire day spent with my son, and it was perfect. In fact, so perfect that I cried all night and all the way to work the next morning. I want so badly to be able to stay at home everyday with Jayden, but I know that it is just not possible right now. Chris graduates in a year and a half, and then, if everything goes as planned, everyday will be able to be the perfect day, and I will be able to stay at home. :)