Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation Pictures from Day 2

Hi everyone! As promised, here are pictures from our second day of vacation! These are from Thursday, June 4. We spent the day on the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio. We had so much fun that day, and had some amazing food!
Jayden and Mommy getting ready to go to the Riverwalk. Jayden was so excited!

Jayden and Mommy at El Mercado (the Market Square). It was an authentic Mexican marketplace. It wasn't really our scene, so we were only there for about 45 minutes.

Daddy and Jayden walking on the Riverwalk.

The Hilton Palicio del Rio. This is where my parents spent their honeymoon 30 years ago!

The three of us on the Riverwalk.

I thought this was such a pretty flowering tree and waterfall!

Jayden had to touch the water whenever possible!

Jayden and Mommy eating lunch at Casa Rio. We got to eat outside right next to the river.

Jayden and Daddy with really funny faces!

The three of us at Casa Rio.

Casa Rio on the Riverwalk. It was very tasty!

Mommy and Jayden at the Alamo.

Jayden eating ice cream.

Jayden and Mommy taking a break from the heat at Rivercenter Mall.

Daddy and Jayden on a bridge over the river.

Our waiter made guacamole at our table when we ate at Boudro's for dinner. It was amazing! Jayden really enjoyed watching him prepare the guacamole.

Jayden and Daddy on the River Cruise.

A picture I took while on the River Cruise.
Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow! They will be pictures of Sea World! Hope you all enjoy these!

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Katherine Aucoin said...

We went to San Antonio on our honeymoon. The Riverwalk is beautiful. Stopped by from SITS!