Saturday, May 30, 2009

We love Saturdays!

I would have to say that our favorite day of the week is Saturday. We get to spend the entire day together with no obligations of places that we have to be or things that we have to do (well, usually). This morning we decided to plant the plants that we bought last night. I was already sore from my workout yesterday, and now, after about five hours of digging in the dirt, I can barely move!

My job was to actually plant the plants, and Chris' job was to try to find a way to keep the dirt in the flowerbed and out of the driveway. Whenever it rains, the dirt always gets washed away, and it is really frustrating! I think he came up with a good solution'll have to take a look and see what you think! I planted about 25 plants, and about 3000 seeds. I know all the seeds won't grow, but it is so much cheaper than buying the already developed plants and flowers!

The "before" picture.

Kara planting in the flowerbed.

Jayden was really good most of the time! He had fun riding his "motorbike" and playing with the bubbles. He also had a great time playing in the dirt! When we were almost done planting, we decided to fill up his little swimming pool. While the water warmed up a little, we had a picnic in the garage. (Weird, I know, but we had to let the sunscreen soak in on Jayden, and it was a shaded area!)

Jayden riding his "motorbike."

He's finally learned to pedal!

Jayden loves the new plants!

Jayden playing in the dirt.

Jayden and Mommy filling up the swimming pool.

Our picnic in the garage.

After our picnic, Chris and I finished working in the flowerbed, and Jayden had so much fun in the pool! He loved to splash around and then get the hose and refill the pool!

Jayden loved the swimming pool!

A video of Jayden in the pool!

Jayden helping water the new plants.

The new flowerbed around the tree!

I love our new plants!

The "after" picture! Also...Chris' solution for keeping the dirt in place! A pretty rock border!

Once we got all cleaned up, we took a trip to WalMart to get items for our vacation this week. We stocked up on snacks, travel-sized necessities, and a few new activites for the drive to keep Jayden busy.

When we got home, Jayden and I decided to make Rice Krispy Treats. I have to tell you, I have never made these before, but I figured it would be easy since millions of people make these (including very young children)! Well, we had a great time making them, but they turned out disgusting! I feel like such a failure! I can make really complicated desserts and they turn out perfect, but when it comes to Rice Krispy Treats, they don't turn out at all! I will definitely have to try this again soon!

Jayden and Mommy getting our hands messy!

He loved the marshmellow!

Busy little bees!

What a good helper!

Jayden sneaking a bite!

Jayden loves to help Mommy in the kitchen!


Check out that Rice Krispy beard!

Time to stir again...

Concentrating on his job!

Well...that pretty much concludes our Saturday. Jayden is now in bed, and Chris and I are watching the Discovery Health Channel (pretty much a Saturday night ritual for us). I hope you all had a great Saturday!

Friday, May 29, 2009

So Proud...

Chris and Jayden at the Duck Pond at OU.

I just wanted to take a moment to let the whole world know how proud I am of Chris! He has been working so hard to be a good student, a husband, a father, and be involved in church. This is definitely a lot to juggle, but he has handled it all so well.

This is kind of a late post about this, but Chris got his grades from last semester last week, and he made three A's and four B's! WooHoo!!! I am so proud of him! He has brought his GPA up so much, and he has now been officially accepted into the Professional Mechanical Engineering Program at OU! He is half-way done with school...two years down, two more to go!!!

Chris and Jayden at OU.

I am so thankful for all that Chris does for our family. He is an amazing Christian, a wonderful husband and a great father!


What more can I say.....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jayden Leading Singing

I am so proud of my little man! He did such a good job leading singing at church last night! Every few months, our church gives the little boys an opportunity to help lead worship on a Wednesday night. It is such a great opportunity for the boys to learn how to serve, and it is so much fun to watch them. You never know what is going to happen! The ages range anywhere from 2 years old to 12 years old. Here are some pictures of the big event!

Daddy walking Jayden down to the front of the auditorium.

You can't see Jayden, but Chris has his arm around him. They are waiting for his turn to lead the singing.

Poor Nana! She has a torn ligament in her foot. You can't tell, but she also has a big black boot on her foot.

Nonni, Aunt Katie, and Papa John came to see Jayden sing! (Sorry Nonni...not the best picture of you.)

Here's the video! Jayden's so short that it's hard to see him, but you can hear him!

Everyone went to Braum's after church to celebrate Jayden doing such a good job!

Look at that blue tongue! Jayden only knew about chocolate and vanilla ice cream, so you can imagine his excitement when we surprised him with blue birthday cake ice cream!

Wow...not a great picture, but it was the only one with me in it, so I thought I'd put it on here!

Such a cute picture of Grana and Daddy!

Nana was not having a great night...not only is she on crutches now, she also spilled her cherry limeade!

What a mess!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Perfect Evening at Perfect Swing

We had such a great day on Monday! I was off of work for Memorial Day, and Chris is out of school for the year, so we got to spend the whole day together! We went to the mall to pick up some items for our vacation, and then came home and let Jayden take a nap. We invited my mom, "Nana," over to play in the backyard since my dad, "Papa," had to leave to go out of town on business. We went outside and played for a while, but the mosquitoes were so bad, we had to come back inside. We decided that since Jayden was really wanting to play, we would take him to Perfect Swing since they have a huge indoor playground! He LOVED it!

Chris, Jayden, and Kara at Perfect Swing.

Jayden crawling through the tunnels.

Daddy and Jayden climbing through the playground.

They were having so much fun!

The "scary black slide." It really was scary! It was pitch black inside, and it was really big, and dropped you without any warning. I screamed all the way down!

Jayden loved the balls!

Walking through the nets...

Jayden and Daddy going down the slide!

We let Jayden play a few of the games...he has a great arm!

We worked up a big appetite! Jayden and Mommy at Tarahumara.

Nana and Daddy at Tarahumara.

Mmmm....Daddy got tamales....

and Nana and Mommy got Avocado Enchiladas! We shared with Jayden. They were so good!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jayden's New Haircut

Yea! Jayden finally got his hair cut! He doesn't look all shaggy anymore. He was really good while he got his hair cut, and apparently, he insisted that Matt put "spiking glue" in his hair when he was finished! Here are some pics of what he looks like now! Much different than the mohawk yesterday!

Jayden after his haircut.

Another view....

This is how Jayden says "I love you." I love it!