Monday, June 8, 2009

Back from Vacation!

We arrived home from our vacation yesterday afternoon! We had such a wonderful time, but it's always good to be home. I haven't uploaded our vacation pictures to the computer yet, but I will get that done soon, and post them! I have tons, and I think you all will enjoy seeing them!

We left Norman at 6:45 last Wednesday. Jayden did really well in the car! We weren't sure how he would do because he had never traveled that long in the car. He got a little restless at times, but always cheered up pretty quickly! We arrived in San Marcos, TX at about 1:30. We stopped at the outlet malls, and shopped until about 4:30. We found some great deals! Chris got three shirts and a pair of socks at the Banana Republic Outlet for $48.00 which is unheard of, and I got a large Coach purse that retails for $348.00 for $129.00 at the Coach Outlet! That was my big splurge, but totally worth it!!!

We arrived at the hotel in San Antonio at about 5:00. We stayed in the StayBridge Suites, and it was so nice! We would highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a nice place to stay! Our room had a full-size kitchen, a living room (with a sofa bed for Jayden, and a separate bedroom for Chris and I along with a bathroom. Definitely worth the money! It also included a free breakfast which was really good! Much more variety than most continental breakfasts.

We got unpacked, and then headed over to North Star Mall which was really close to our hotel. We ate at a really good Italian restaurant called Luciano's Italiano Restaurante. Jayden got to have his own Dr. Pepper (which we never order for him), and he was totally wired the rest of the night! We found the cutest kid's store called Pumpkin Patch, and bought a few new shirts for him.

Thursday, we spent the day downtown San Antonio. We started at El Mercado (the Market Square), but it was totally not our thing. It was an authentic Mexican marketplace, but we are just not into that type of decor, so we bought Jayden a little drum, and moved onto the Riverwalk. We parked in the parking garage (which cost $18.00!) and was located at the Rivercenter Mall. We walked around the Riverwalk for a while, and then ate lunch at Casa Rio. It was really good, and very reasonably priced. We got to sit outside right on the river, and made some duck friends! Jayden loved it! We walked over and toured the Alamo, and Jayden fell asleep in his stroller. Since it was so hot outside, we decided to walk back over to the mall and shop around to keep Jayden out of the heat while he slept.

Once Jayden woke up, we took him to his first movie in a theater. It was an IMAX theater and we saw DeepSea 3D. It was really neat, but Jayden got a little scared and had to sit on Chris' lap. He loved it though! He kept reaching out trying to touch the fish since it was in 3D! After the movie, we went to dinner at Boudro's Texas Bistro on the Riverwalk. It was really good, but much more expensive than we realized! I think our total bill was about $90.00 for the three of us, and that is with a kid's meal! We did have some amazing guacamole that the waiter actually made at our table though! After dinner, we took a River Cruise! It was so much fun! We learned a lot about the city, and it was so pretty since the sun was going down!

Friday, we went to Sea World! Poor Jayden was too short to ride the rides except for two of them! We got to watch all of the shows, but Jayden was traumatized in the Shamu show and the Dolphin show! We sat on the third row of the splash zone at the Shamu show, and we knew we would get wet, but what we didn't realize is that we would be absolutely drenched in 54 degree water. Jayden was not happy at all! At the Dolphin show, there was a fog machine that was used on the water (totally not a big deal), but Jayden was terrified of the "smoke water!" That's still all he can talk about! The high point of the day for all of us was getting to feed and pet the dolphins! It was a great experience! We also got to ride the Texas Splashdown! This was a HUGE deal for me, because I NEVER go on rides because I get motion sickness. This ride had not one drop, but two! The first drop was five stories, and the second was six stories! I didn't get sick!!! YEA!!! Jayden absolutely loved it! We were so proud of him, because we thought he might be really scared, but he wasn't!

Saturday, we went back to Sea World, but we went to the Lost Lagoon-the waterpark inside of the park. We all had a great time-Jayden especially! He loved the wave pool and the Splash Zone (an area for kid's). Chris and I took turns going down some of the slides...Jayden was too short to go on any of them! We all had so much fun, and it was great to see Jayden really enjoying himself! We left and went back to the hotel and got cleaned up. We once again went to the mall and went back to Pumpkin Patch. We totally splurged and basically bought Jayden a whole new wardrobe. Probably shouldn't have spent as much as we did, but we never really spend a lot of money on his clothes, and they were so cute, we couldn't help ourselves!

We left at 8:00 Sunday morning, and started the seven hour journey home. About 2 1/2 hours into the drive, Jayden got car sick and threw up everywhere. Anyone who knows me know that I can handle blood and guts, but I CANNOT handle puke! Needless to say, Chris cleaned up the mess. I think it scared Jayden, because he's only gotten sick once before, and I don't think he expected it at all. Luckily, he made it the rest of the way home without any more problems! We arrived home at 3:30. We got laundry started, and got all unpacked, and made it to church by 5:00!

Like I said, I have tons of pictures, but I will post them hopefully tomorrow! We had such a great time, and I think that Jayden really enjoyed his first vacation! It's going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow, but I've got pay for all of those clothes we bought Jayden! :)

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