Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive!

As you all know, we recently got Jayden's pictures made by Amanda Scott. Well, we all love them, but we have noticed that Jayden REALLY loves them! This is an actual conversation that Jayden and I had the other day....please remember that he is only 2 1/2! :)

Jayden: "Mommy, can you turn on your computer so that I can see the pictures of Jayden?"

Mommy: "Sure Jayden."

(As soon as the pictures are pulled up on the computer....and Jayden looks at them.)

Jayden: "Oh goodness. My, my, my..."

Mommy: "What is it Jayden?"

Jayden: "Goodness gracious sakes alive. Look at me! I sure look cute...I look like Daddy!"

Wow. I was speechless.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Church Picnic Fun!

We had a church picnic after Sunday night services this past Sunday, and we had a blast! The kids absolutely loved it, and the adults had a great time getting to know each other better. There was a great playground for the kid's to play on, and Jayden had so much fun!
Jayden loved to climb up onto the platform of the playground.

This is big stuff! See him climbing up the ladder? He's never done that before!

Getting ready to go down the slide.

Daddy at the picnic.

Our good friend's baby. She is so cute! We love her! :)

Jayden eating his sandwich.

Jayden and his little friend Baby M! Isn't she a cutie!?

Climbing the ladder again!

And again!

Climbing up the slide.

Some of our friends from church! Jayden has really taken a liking to John! He had to make sure John was watching him go down the slide!

Getting ready to go down the slide!

Jayden and Daddy listening to the game instructions. Jayden was the smallest one to participate!

Waiting for their turn....

Some of the kids playing the games.

Jayden and Daddy playing the game! It was so cute...they were in last place, but everyone was cheering them on!

Still playing...

Playing the second part of the game!

They were having so much fun!

Climbing on the jungle gym...trying to figure it out.


Our little gymnast!

Look at that balance!

Hiding from Daddy in the maze!

Daddy hiding behind the house...Jayden is about to find him. :)
We are so glad that we had the opportunity to attend the picnic and get to know our friends even better. We love our church family, and we are really enjoying participating in all of our church's activities. I will be attending a Ladies Retreat this weekend at Lake Texoma, and I am so excited about it! I will be taking my camera, so I will post pictures of our trip next week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Best Pictures Ever!

About a month ago, we decided that it had been way too long since we had had professional pictures taken of Jayden. It just so happens that Amanda Scott goes to our church! She is an amazing photographer and the genius behind Amanda Scott Photography. She did such a great job working with Jayden, and we couldn't be happier with the results! These are just a few of the many great pics that she took! Enjoy!

Aren't they the best pictures you have ever seen?! Thank you so much Amanda! I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone wanting great pictures!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 2009 Oklahoma State Fair

We spent most of the afternoon at the Oklahoma State Fair yesterday, and let me tell you, it was an experience! We knew it was going to be an interesting day as soon as we arrived! You see, you park out in the grass at the fair. Well, it rained every day last week, and the entire parking lot was like an enormous mud pit. We got to slip and slide all the way to the entrance gate, and it was an adventure!
We had to roll our jeans up so that we would not be covered in mud! I assure you, my husband does NOT wear his jeans like this! :)

The picture does not do the mud justice...it was a mess!

Jayden got to eat an enormous corn dog while he watched the pig races.

He loved it! He actually almost finished the whole thing!

My whole reason for attending the State Fair...Dan's Famous Indian Tacos! Yummm...

My boys enjoying their fair food.

The pig races...I love them! :)

The baby pig, "Swifty," that swims. :)

Taking it all in...

More pig races...

Chris loves his turkey leg!

A true man...food on a stick (in both hands), and listening to football during our family event.

Papa and Jayden looking at the pig!

I love this picture!

Jayden LOVES fountains! Papa was telling him about the fountain.

So cute!

What a cute goat! Jayden liked him. :)

Jayden was so excited to see the eggs and the baby chicks!

Daddy and Jayden talking about the cow....
The cow.

Silly little boy!

Silly big boy!

Mommy and Jayden getting ready to go through a "farming experience."

Jayden and Mommy "planting" seeds!

I love my mommy!

...And my daddy! :)

Don't ask....I don't even know!


Mommy and Daddy! (As you can see, Daddy is still listening to the football game!)
Okay...this next section of pictures I like to call self-esteem boosters. I know that I can always come at look at these pictures and feel better about myself. I know that may sound cruel, but seriously people, it is 2009...what are you doing/thinking?!?

Now....this cowboy decided to pull up his shirt, stick out his hip, and show the entire population of fair-goers the sores on his back. EEEWWWW!

Serious mullet. It is NOT okay.

Business in the front, party in the back. This went out in about 1985 folks.

Notice the three bums (as in behinds, not homeless folk). This is what fair food will do to you.

Wow. Need I say more?

Only at the fair is it perfectly acceptable to wear a traffic cone on your head.

The reason America is so overweight.
Okay...now back to pics of our fam. We ended our day at the fair by letting Jayden, Daddy, and Papa go up on the OG&E Wind Tower (space-needle thingy). Jayden was so excited! He had a blast. I gave Papa and Daddy the camera so that they could take pictures when they were at the top, but of course, they completely forgot! (This is why so few men have blogs about their families...they never remember to take pics of anything!)
Jayden and Papa looking up at the tower (Jayden called it the big elevator)!

Jayden was looking back, telling me and Nana about the "elevator." We stayed off the ride to keep watch over the stroller.

I LOVE this picture!

The "big elevator!"
Remember the mud? Well everyone was stuck and couldn't get their cars out! Papa to the rescue! He helped push some of the trucks out!

Ugh....what a mess!

Papa pushing out another truck.

We ended our day at Freddie's! Jayden loves their frozen custard!
I guess Papa loves it too!
I hope you have enjoyed all of our lovely fair pics! I am sure I will have more to show you next year!