Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Perfect Evening at Perfect Swing

We had such a great day on Monday! I was off of work for Memorial Day, and Chris is out of school for the year, so we got to spend the whole day together! We went to the mall to pick up some items for our vacation, and then came home and let Jayden take a nap. We invited my mom, "Nana," over to play in the backyard since my dad, "Papa," had to leave to go out of town on business. We went outside and played for a while, but the mosquitoes were so bad, we had to come back inside. We decided that since Jayden was really wanting to play, we would take him to Perfect Swing since they have a huge indoor playground! He LOVED it!

Chris, Jayden, and Kara at Perfect Swing.

Jayden crawling through the tunnels.

Daddy and Jayden climbing through the playground.

They were having so much fun!

The "scary black slide." It really was scary! It was pitch black inside, and it was really big, and dropped you without any warning. I screamed all the way down!

Jayden loved the balls!

Walking through the nets...

Jayden and Daddy going down the slide!

We let Jayden play a few of the games...he has a great arm!

We worked up a big appetite! Jayden and Mommy at Tarahumara.

Nana and Daddy at Tarahumara.

Mmmm....Daddy got tamales....

and Nana and Mommy got Avocado Enchiladas! We shared with Jayden. They were so good!

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