Monday, May 25, 2009

In need of a Haircut

Jayden really needed a haircut about a month still hasn't been cut. Tomorrow, he finally has an appointment with Matt to get his hair chopped off! We go on vacation next week, so we really want him to get all slicked up before then!
Well, Chris decided since his hair was so long, he would give him a mohawk today. Jayden really liked it, and he definitely got a lot of attention at the mall! He did look pretty cute, but I definitely wouldn't want it this way all the time! Here are some pics we took of his "cool" hair!

Jayden's mohawk, and his favorite hobby....trying to find a "big one." We are really trying to break this habit, but obviously, we have yet to be successful!

The side view

He looks like such a little angel here...well, an angel with a mohawk!

He decided to drum on the potty...I guess the new hair style brought out the rock star in him!

One last will all be gone tomorrow!

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