Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Day at the Oklahoma City Zoo

I had the day off of work last Monday, and Chris was finished with school for the semester, so we decided to celebrate and take Jayden to the Oklahoma City Zoo! He has been to the zoo before, but he was a lot younger, and didn't remember the trip. Also, this was the first time that we got to take him, so this was a very special day for all three of us! The temperature was perfect, the wind wasn't blowing, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! It was beautiful! Here are a bunch of pictures from our special day!
Jayden exploring the park at the Zoo.

He loves the slide!

Jayden's first glimse of the train with Daddy! He loves trains!

Mommy and Jayden on the train. (I know I look pregnant in this shirt, but I assure you I am not! It really doesn't look this way in person!)

Jayden talking about riding the train! (Hit the play's a video!)

The OKC Centennial Train at the Zoo.

A deer hiding in the grass.
A white peacock! Jayden really liked it!

A huge lizard in the reptile house. (This one's for you Nonni!)
The huge Galapogas tortoises.
Jayden really liked the flaminos.
Mommy and Jayden riding in the Swan paddle boat at the Zoo. (Once again....not pregnant!)
Daddy and Jayden in the boat. He loved it!
A view of the lake from the paddle boat. Look at that pretty red Oklahoma water!
Taking it all in....
Mommy and Jayden on the carousel...the zebras were his favorite animals at the zoo, so he had to ride on one!
Loving the ride and waving at Daddy!
The rhinoceros.
You can't tell, but this gorilla was huge!
We loved this orangutan! He was so cute with his pillow!
I love this picture that I took of some of the flowers at the Zoo!
Mommy and Jayden walking at the Zoo. The little guy was thirsty and was guzzling down his dinosaur drink that we got him.
Mommy and Jayden in front of the goose statue. He was still thirsty!

All tuckered out from his big day! He was so good! He went all day without a nap, and walked the entire time. He fell asleep about thirty seconds after we got into the car to go home!

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