Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend...Working in the Backyard

Well, it's Sunday morning, and we are getting ready for church. I actually got around early this morning, so I thought I would post some pictures of our weekend so far! Thursday, May 21 was Chris and I's four year wedding anniversary! When I got off of work, Chris met me at the mall, and bought me a new dress to wear on Friday night! We decided to celebrate Friday night instead of Thursday, because I was working my late shift (8:00am-6:45pm), and I would be exhausted on Friday if we celebrated Thursday.

Papa John (Chris' dad) agreed to watch Jayden Friday night and Saturday morning. Jayden was so excited! Usually when he stays there, Papa John and Nonni (Chris' mom) are there, but this time Nonni was out of town with Aunt Katie, so he got to stay with Papa John all by himself! He got to go out to dinner and to the park! He had a wonderful time. He was so upset when Papa John brought him home and had to leave. Before Papa John left though, we cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs and played in the backyard.

Okay...back to our Friday night celebration! Chris and I got all dressed up, and ate at Nonna's in Bricktown! It is a really nice, super expensive restaurant, that has really good food, and the best dessert ever! We had Stuffed Mushrooms for an appetizer, Chris had Cedar Plank Salmon, and I had Gnocchi-Gorgonzola Gratin. We shared a wonderful Creme Brulee for dessert! We had such a wonderful time, and we were going to go somewhere else after dinner, but we were both so tired, we decided to go home! Here are a couple of pictures of us before we went to dinner.

Chris and I before our anniversary dinner. sweet!

Yesterday...Saturday, we working in the backyard for a while after Papa John left. We planted some really pretty bushes that have purple flowers on them. The information on the bushes said that they would eventually be small trees, so we are really hoping that this is true! We have a chain-link fence on one side of our yard, and it gives us no privacy. It would be nice to have some bushes or trees to give us a little more privacy!

I also tilled up the soil in the back corner of the yard and planted a ton of seeds for wildflowers. They are supposed to be very hearty, so hopefully, they will grow well there. I hope to show you some pictures when they start to grow! I think it is going to be so pretty!

The soil I tilled...and evidence of my little helper!

Hopefully, this will be full of wildflowers soon!

It is now Sunday morning, and we had a visitor on our back patio this morning! A cute little turtle! Jayden was so excited! We are actually running early this morning, so we went outside and got to hold the turtle before Daddy put it back in the yard. We also watered the new plants and our garden, and Jayden got to slide a few times! We are off to church in a few minutes, so I had better wrap this up!

Jayden, Daddy, and the turtle!
Jayden was so excited to hold the turtle!
Our garden
The onions and strawberries are doing well!

Daddy watering the garden!

Our beautiful backyard!

Our patio in the backyard.

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