Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tomorrow's a busy day...

This is my Extended Hours week at work. This means that I work four ten hour days and have a day off in the week. Well, tomorrow is my day off, and it is going to be busy! I am actually kind of dreading it because it is going to be exhausting. My mom is going to come over at 9:30 a.m. to help me get through the day, thank goodness. I have a dentist appointment here in Norman at 11:10. I have an eye doctor appointment in Edmond at 3:00. This means that I will probably hit rush hour traffic on my way home. All the time in between, and I'm sure for a while after, we have to get our house in tip-top condition. The photographer from is coming on Friday to take pictures of our house to put on the Internet, and it has to look PERFECT. No more putting things off, saying that we will take care of it later, this is it. These are going to be the pictures that everyone sees when they look at our house online. And first impressions are everything, so we have to get some great pictures. Keep your fingers crossed that we get everything done!

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