Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Been Three Months...

...since my last blog post, and I'm sorry. Life has been even more crazy than usual over the last three months, and my time has been wrapped up in my family.

What have we been doing the last three months? Well....let's see. Chris and I are another year older, as is my dad. Jayden has still been going to gymnastics and is loving it. We saw my sister for the first time in a year. Chris taught his first adult class at church-it was a singing class and was wonderful! Chris also finished his semester at OU, and made all A's and B's....something he id not think was possible. (I am SO proud of him!) Tornadoes hit my Nana's neighborhood/house and my parents house. They both got new roofs. Chris got Lasik on his eyes and is doing great and can see great! Chris has been working in Arkansas as a roughneck on a drilling rig. He works seven days on and seven days off. He works a total of 88 hours in seven days. This has left Jayden and I by ourselves for much of the summer...we are surviving though! I have a bottle tan and have become a bottle redhead, and my hair is getting long. I have also lost 28 pounds! My parents have lost almost 50 pounds each!!! Chris and I celebrated his birthday and our 5th anniversary in Dallas. We went to see Wicked while there. Jayden and I went with Nonni to Arkansas to see Chris and Papa John at the Lee's new house. We were there for four days and then went on to Sikeston, Missouri to see the rest of Chris' family. We had a wonderful vacation and Jayden got to meet a part of his family that he had never met before. There is a ton more that we have done, but these were the high points!

Enjoy some pictures from our last three months! I'm going to try to post more frequently again, but ya happens, so I can't promise anything!

The house across from my Nana's house after the tornadoes.

Mmmmm...the yummy Crimson and Cream cake from Sooner Legends for me and my dad's bday!

The patio set that I used my bday money on! I love it!!!

Nonni and Papa John's new house in Arkansas.

The drilling rig that Chris is working on this summer.

Jayden, Chris, and I at a lake in Arkansas.

Chris and his Great-Grandma Lee. This is the first time that they had met!

The four sisters. Ruthann, Phyllis, Carolyn, and Tammy. (I do apologize if I have misspelled a name!)

I love this picture! Jayden holding a frog!

Jayden and Papa John riding the mule. He LOVED this and the four-wheeler!

Chris performed for us at a family lunch.

Chris, Jayden, Papa John, and Grandma Lee

Kirstie, Taylor, Montana, Chris, Hunter, Jake, Tristan, Addie, and Jayden (Again...I'm sorry if I spelled any of your names wrong!)

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