Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Big Moment in the Lee House

A huge accomplishment has occurred at the Lee house! Jayden can now wipe himself after he goes poopy! I're thrilled, but seriously, this is big stuff people! (Don't worry...I'm not posting a picture on this blog post!)

You see, Chris and I have been discussing this for awhile now. We have been trying to decide when he needed to be taught this skill, and we decided that it should be sooner than later because he will have to have it perfected by the time he starts pre-k in another year. So, one night last week, I knew that Chris was using the restroom, and I heard him start talking to Jayden. I heard him say, "See Jayden, you need to pull off about this much toilet paper. Then you fold it up, and wipe your bottom. Then, you check for poopy. You keep doing it until you don't see anymore poopy." It was hilarious...and I'm sure you're all glad that I told you that my hubby was going poopy! :)

The next time Jayden went number two, he called Chris in there, and they worked on wiping. He couldn't quite get the hang of wiping himself on the potty, because his hand kept almost going into the water. EEEWWW!!! So, Chris taught him how to gracefully "leap" off of the potty without wiping his rear end across the seat (which would be oh so gross), so that he can stand up and wipe. It is the funniest thing ever! He leans over to where his head is almost touching his feet, and he gets his toilet paper and folds it up, and tries to wipe. Sometimes he is successful, and sometimes you hear Chris say, "that was your leg bud...try again!" He always gets the job done though!

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