Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Holiday Pictures

Our holidays were SO busy! We had such a great time though, and made many memories! We got to spend time with friends, family, and just the three of us, and it was definitely a December to remember. Jayden is at such a fun age, and Christmas was such a huge deal to him this year. Here are a ton of pics from our December!

We ate dinner at The Melting Pot with the Lees to celebrate Chris and Katie getting through another semester of school. Chris enjoyed it thoroughly!

Jayden was very curious about what was in the pots!
I tried lobster for the first time ever, and really liked it!

Proof of the lobster. :)

Jayden and Aunt Katie. favorite part of dinner at The Melting Pot! DESSERT!!!

We ordered the "Flaming Turtle." It was milk chocolate and caramel that was lit on fire. So good!

Jayden and Mommy baking Christmas cookies!

He was so excited!

The Christmas cookies that I made! This is a pic of them before they were totally done-I added some white royal icing once they cooled! They were delicious! (Thank you Pioneer Woman for the recipe!)

The three of us under a lighted gazebo at the Chickasha Festival of Lights.

I love this pic of Chris and Jayden. He loves his Daddy!

Jayden all bundled up!

Had to get a pic of the two of us. (I look tired, don't I?)

Jayden decorating his gingerbread cookies. He had a blast!

Chris making what we named "snowballs." They were crushed oreos mixed with cream cheese, covered with vanilla almond bark. Yummy!

We had a blizzard on Christmas Eve. Who would have thought!? It messed up every one's plans, and a lot of people got stuck on the roads in their cars. We wanted a white Christmas, but this was a bit more than we asked for!

My parents backyard. That wall in the back is almost totally covered, and it is about 3 1/2 feet tall!

Christmas Eve...silly boy!

Christmas Eve dinner at my parent's house. We were supposed to go to the Fuchs' for Christmas Eve, but we couldn't get there because of the blizzard. My mom hadn't planned a meal, so we at a dinner of appetizers that were supposed to be for Christmas day.

Yep. I'm married to that.

Christmas Eve in front of my parent's tree.

Jayden, Nana, Papa, and Skippy. Wow! Look at Jayden's face! He was hyped up on sugar.

We played Farkel since we didn't get to go to our Christmas Eve party.

Isn't this special? How many men/boys does it take to light a fire? Apparently, three is not enough. They didn't get it lit.

Chris reading Jayden "The Night Before Christmas."

Jayden had to check to make sure that Santa could get down the fireplace.

Pouring Santa some milk.

Mommy and Jayden.

Look at that snow!

Jayden got the bike that he asked for from Santa!

Again folks....this is what I am married too.

Chris' traditional nutcracker from Grana! He named this one "Enrique!"

Chris' gift from me!

My mom and I both got red coats from our hubbies!

Jayden tried to sled in a box. It didn't work out so well.

He loved the snow!

Look how pretty our house looks in the snow!

The road conditions were horrible. It took us 2 1/2 hours to make a trip that usually takes about 45 minutes. We traveled from my parent's house to the Lees, but we should not have made the drive. It was so dangerous. We made it safely, thank goodness.
The man in the red is a news reporter. That is a Nissan Murano that has gone off into the ditch.

Aunt Katie helped Jayden open his presents.

Chris got a Playstation 3. He was very happy!

Jayden got a bike helmet to go along with the bike that Santa brought him!

We went sledding and had tons of fun!
Jayden sledding down the hill.

Nonni and Jayden about to sled!

We had a snowball fight! Chris got hot, and took off his coat.

Jayden making a snowball!

There goes Nonni down the hill...Jayden is sitting in front of her.
Well, there you have it! A million pictures from our holidays! I hope you have enjoyed looking at them. I have another million more that I could post, but I figured that this would suffice!

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