Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Weekend at the Lee's

It had been awhile since we had gone up to Edmond to the Lee's house, so last weekend, we decided to visit the Lees. We had such a good time, and spent lots of time in the pool! Jayden absolutely loved it! Here are some pics of our time spent by the pool!
Jayden loves to play on the steps of the pool.

Aunt Katie and Jayden.

Jayden and Mommy.

Chris about to go down the waterslide.

A video of Chris going down the waterslide. It was a lot of fun!
Jayden was too small to go all the way down the slide, so Chris put him about half-way up so that he could still participate. Not sure what that look on my face is. :P

Look at that big boy!

Aunt Katie was getting ready to catch Jayden as he slid off into the water.

Look at that smile! Priceless!

Jayden and Mommy playing in the water.

He sure can make some funny faces!
Jayden had to take a break to "drive" the tractor. Apparently, he thought he still needed his floaties on for protection!

Jayden on a floatie in the middle of the pool. He sure is brave!

I love this picture! Jayden is sitting in the hot tub, and can just barely sit on the seat without being under the water.

Nonni, Jayden, and Chris in the hot tub. Jayden loves to splash Daddy!

He loved to ride on Daddy's back in the pool and go into the deep water!

Another priceless face on our sweet little boy! You can tell what a great time he is having!

Jayden exploring the outside of the hot tub.

Freaky, huh?!? Well, this was a gag-gift that Katie bought for her boyfriend for Christmas because he has always wanted a monkey. It's name is Umi (ew-me), and apparently, Jayden loves to carry this freaky thing around when he visits!

It's enough to give you nightmares, huh? I can't believe that Jayden likes it! What a peculiar little boy we have!
Well, I hope you have enjoyed the pictures! We had a wonderful weekend, and look forward to going back and visiting again in the near future!

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