Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mommy's little helper...

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent in preparation for Grana's 81st Birthday party! Jayden is at that age where he LOVES birthday parties, so we really needed to make it special, or he was not going to be happy! We made presents, made cards, cleaned the house, baked, and decorated! I think it definitely was a success! I know Jayden loved it, and I am pretty sure Grana did as well! :)

Jayden mixing the concrete mixture for his present to Grana.

He was such a big boy making his own present!

A perfect little handprint by our perfect little boy!

He loved putting the glass into the concrete! (Don't worry...the edges were rounded and polished, so it was impossible to get hurt!)

He arranged all of the pieces all by himself! He is such a little artist! Hmmm...maybe he gets that from his mommy!

Look at the amazing stepping stone that Jayden made for Grana! I think he did such a great job! We later added words around the handprint, but I will save that pic for another post about the actual party!

Jayden wanted to bake cookies for Grana's party!

What a good helper!

Mixing up the different colors of doughs...

Patting the cookie dough onto the flower shaped cookie sheet. We added sticks, and made a cookie bouquet!

This is probably my favorite part of baking cookies too!

I will try and post pictures of the actual party tomorrow! Have a wonderful Saturday!

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