Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some of my favorite moments...

Everyone always says to enjoy your children when they are young, because the time will go by so quickly. The older Jayden gets, the more I realize how true this saying actually is. I cannot believe that Jayden is 2 1/2 already! It seems like the time has flown by. It makes me so sad because I see him getting bigger and bigger every day, and that little baby of mine is quickly fading. :( I know that this is what is supposed to happen, and that we will have great times with him as he gets older, but it still doesn't make it any easier! I decided to document a couple of my favorite moments with Jayden at this point in his life. These moments are bath time and talking to Jayden on the phone when I am at work.

Look at that sweet little face!

No matter how many times I tell him not too, he still insists on drinking the bath water!

One of my favorite pictures ever! He looks so innocent!

All soaped up and playing with his toy shark.

What a serious look!

Talking to Mommy on the phone!

It totally makes my day when I am at work and I get to talk to this sweet boy!

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

To cute! Happy Saturday to you! I am slowly making my way around to all the blogs that visited me when I was featured on SITS to say "Thank you". It is indeed a fabulous SITStahood.
Be blessed!