Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Cookies

We made Christmas cookies on Wednesday and Thursday! We made the dough on Wednesday, and decided to let it refrigerate overnight, so we finished baking and decorating them on Thursday. We had a great time, and hopefully, it will be a special memory that Jayden remembers.
Jayden was so excited to help me pour the sugar in the mixing bowl.

He was so excited that he got to help make and taste the dough!

Getting ready to use the cookie cutters to cut out the cookies.

Jayden and I before the cookies went in the oven.

He was such a good little helper!

Cutting out the cookies.

Playing with the cookie dough...and eating some along the way.

He loved decorating the cookies with the icing and sprinkles!

Decorating my candy cane cookie.

Chris even decorated a few cookies.

Jayden's work of art!

Pretty colors...messy though!

What a mess! He had icing all over his hands and his face and teeth!

Our masterpieces!

So cute! Can't wait to eat them!

We had a lot of fun trying new ways to decorate them.

My bell, and Jayden's Christmas tree.


Chris' Santa Claus creation! :)

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