Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jump Zone!

For those of you with children who have never been to Jump Zone, you are truly missing out! On Jayden's actual birthday, I was off of work, so I took Jayden and my mom to Jump Zone to celebrate. It was so much fun! It is only $7.00 to get in during open play hours, and adults get in for free. It is a huge indoor play area that has those really nice $4000.00 swing sets, and huge inflatables that you can bounce in and slide down! Not only did Jayden love it, but Mommy and Nana love it too! It is definitely a work out though!

Jayden and his excited face as he slides down one of the slides on the swing set.

A picture of some of the swing sets and inflatables.

Look at that happy face!

Mommy at the top of the firetruck slide.

I love this picture! He was so excited!

Nana and Jayden crawling up the shipwreck slide! It was really dark inside, but it was by far the best slide!

Nana was such a good sport and did everything Jayden asked her too!

Here she comes down the slide!

And here comes Jayden!

He loved all of the slides.

This was so funny! Nana was playing with Jayden on one of the swing sets, and she decided to go down the tube slide. As she was sliding down it, the whole thing started to shake, and made a loud creaking noise, and then she came falling out of it!

Jayden coming out of the tube slide. (As you can see, Nana is still trying to pick herself up off of the ground!)

This is a video of us all going down the shipwreck slide. It really was a workout. I say this because apparently, it was such a workout that I had a lack of oxygen to the brain, and I talk about how this is Jayden's first birthday. Seriously! It was his third birthday, not his first! We all had a blast though!

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