Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hectic Holidays!

As usual, life has been busy here at the Lee's house! So busy, I haven't even had a free moment to update this blog in a month! :( Chris has been full swing into school, and is now nearing finals, and he has been working at the bank as well. I have had a ton of late weeks at work this past month which absolutely wears me out. Jayden has been busy with gymnastics, Bible class, and playing. :)

In November, we hosted Thanksgiving (for the first time), and had Jayden's third birthday party all in the same weekend. Thanksgiving was a success! There were nine of us at our meal, and it went off without a hitch-well, Chris cut through the metal roasting pan while slicing the turkey with an electric carving knife and turkey grease went everywhere ruining his nice dress pants-but other than that, it went smoothly!

Jayden's birthday party was also a success! We just had a family celebration at our house, but it was really nice. Jayden wanted a bug party, so there were bugs everywhere-even in the ice cubes for the drinks! He got lots of great gifts, but I have to say that his favorite is the one that we bought him. We gave him a wooden play fort/swing set and he loves it! He calls it his park, and he keeps going and looking out the door to make sure that his "park" is still there. It is cold outside now, so we can't play on his park, but it will be great next year after the weather warms up a little bit. We lucked out and it was warm on the day of his party, so he did get to play on it for a while.

I hope that everyone is doing well. I really do apologize for not posting this past month. Life gets so crazy and it's hard to keep up. Also, I hate posting without any pictures, but I haven't uploaded my pics from Thanksgiving and the party yet, so I will post those really soon!

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