Friday, October 9, 2009

A Field Trip to the Sewer! read the title of this post correctly. We actually went on a mini field trip to the Sewage Treatment Plant of Norman. Maybe I should explain. There is a certain road in Norman that we drive on every day. When you pass a certain point on the road, you smell a horrible smell. Well, Jayden always asks what "that smell" is. So, one day, my parents told him that it was the sewer. This was correct information, as the Sewage Treatment Plant is located off of this road. I don't think that anyone expected Jayden to say that he wanted to see the sewer. We blew it off for awhile, but he became very persistent that he wanted to see the sewer. My dad, Papa, kept telling Jayden that he would take him on a field trip someday to see the sewer. Well, Jayden was so excited about this upcoming adventure, and it was all he could talk about. So, this past Monday evening, my parents came and picked me up, and we went to the "sewer." We didn't go in or anything, we just drove by very slowly and talked about it. Jayden was so excited and took it all in. He is completely obsessed about the sewer now and talks about it non-stop. He even tells random people that we went to the sewer. There is no prouder moment for a parent than hearing your son tell random strangers that he went on a field trip to the sewer. It can definitely be embarrassing as you are trying to explain why you took your two year old son to the Sewage Treatment Plant!

Chris was at work when we went on this outing. This is a video of Jayden telling Chris all about his adventure!

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Sarah RDH said...

Happy saturday sharefest from SITS!

Isn't it amazing what little boys think is cool? lol gross!