Friday, September 9, 2011

Chris' Graduation

I was trying to decide what events to talk about on this blog to get caught up for the past few months since I have not been blogging. I decided that I absolutely HAD to start with Chris's graduation from the University of Oklahoma. This was a huge moment in our lives, and he has been working so hard to reach this goal for the past four years. I am so proud of Chris, and I appreciate him so much for making the commitment to go back to school so that he could get a great job and support our family and so that I could stay home with Jayden. Here are a ton of pictures from May 13 & 14, 2011!
Chris in front of the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium-where the Commencement Ceremony took place.
Chris and I before Commencement. It was SO cold!
Grana and Chris
Chris and Jayden. Jayden was so excited to be inside of the stadium!
Such a cute picture of Jayden and Riley!
Yea! We have been looking forward to this for four years!
Chris walking into the Commencement Ceremony.
The stage. (I feel like all pictures need a caption!)
Jayden holding his glow stick at the end of the ceremony. An OU tradition-graduates hold red ones, and guests hold white ones. (Oh, and he has earplugs in his ears because the fireworks were about to start!)
Fireworks at the end of the ceremony. Still gives me goosebumps just remembering it!
Jayden and Nonni. Guess the earplugs didn't work well enough for him!
Chris and Jamie (Our fav waitress) at Sooner Legends for Chris' graduation lunch on May 14, 2011.
The three of us before Chris' graduation ceremony!
Chris and his parents before graduation.
Chris and his sister, Katie, before graduation.
Jayden and Chris. He was so excited that Daddy was about to graduate...and that he was going to Disney World the next day!
He totally deserved a kiss after all of his hard work. ;)
Yea! The moment that we have been waiting for!
Chris in line to get his degree.
Chris getting his degree.
So proud of him!
My graduate...I love this man so much! :)
Appetizers at Chris' graduation party at my parent's house after the ceremony!
More appetizers...
The cake table...
Mmmmm.....Crimson and Cream cake from Sooner Legends! The best cake ever!
I think Jayden enjoyed the cake! (It's red velvet in case you can't tell!)
The kids loved rolling down a hill in my parent's yard!
Some of our sweet friends who came to the party. Miss them so much!
And finally...I got to hold my sister's baby!

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