Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great News!

I am happy to say that after only 12 days of our house being on the market, we received an offer, and are now under contract! We will now be going through the inspection process, but we should know for sure in the next couple of weeks if we have definitely sold our house! So far, everything has gone very smoothly, so we are hopeful that we will get to tell you that we have definitely sold our house very soon. We feel so blessed that we have a contract, as there are many people who have had their home on the market for many months, and have not had anything happen. Many prayers have been answered, and we feel certain that this is yet another step that God has allowed to happen so that we may continue on this new journey in our lives. If everything continues to progress, the buyer has asked to close on our house on March 18, so everything is going to move VERY quickly. Basically, that means that we have less than five weeks left to live here. It makes us sad, but this is really what needed to happen. We will be renting a storage unit for our possessions, and will be moving in with my parents until Chris graduates and we can close on a house in Austin. Please continue to pray that things go smoothly and that this contract will work out!

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Jamie said...

That is so wonderful for you and your family, now you all can have a fresh new start with each other and have lots of more memories ahead.